Hi there! This is us, team Exquisit! Shana (Owner), Venetia, Elise, Karen & Di and behind the scenes is Andrew (Shana’s husband and their children Corey, Kaleisha, Mia & Tate. We love all things beautiful! Every single thing in our store is here because we want/need/have it in our lives!

Exquisit has been open since 2012, with humble beginnings in a small store only a block away. When a shopfront became available for lease in the main part of Horsham Shana jumped at the chance and moved the store after only being open for 6 months.

Exquisit truly is a place for Shana and the staff showcase all the things that they loves/needs. With the support of our community, Exquisit has grown into the space it is today.

In 2020, we decided to rebrand Exquisit with a new logo, change of layout instore and yes we are finally online!

And we couldn't be happier! You can find us dancing through the store rearranging clothes or packaging online orders.

Pop in for a visit or shoot us an email to say hi!